About the Alexander Technique

"Make the best of what you have got"

Today many of us are so busy that we very rarely have time to stop and notice how we do things, and what we are thinking. The Alexander Technique and postureWe do not know what we are doing to ourselves during every day activities, until something goes wrong or we suffer some discomfort.

So often we tighten muscles unnecessarily, our posture changes and habits take over. Our co-ordination and freedom in movement is affected, we are no longer calm but feel stressed.

The Alexander Technique and postureThe Alexander Technique teaches us how to notice ourselves, both our bodies and thinking, during our everyday activities.  It teaches us how to change our unhelpful habits that are so often the root cause on many of our common ailments.

F.M. Alexander discovered that the relationship of our head, neck and back is so important.  When we unconsciously change that relationship we start to put tensions on all of our mind and body, our joints and muscles start to ache, perhaps we do not sleep well.

Lessons will enable you to change and use your body, your whole self, more in line with how it was designed to be used.

Many famous people have learnt the technique including Aldous Huxley, Professor Nicholas Tinbergen, John Cleese, Roald Dahl and Joan Bakewell.